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President's message

Sam Stowell

Welcome to our website. You will find a brief overview of our wide range of services, a sampling of our projects, a description of who we are and our history. Do not expect to find false modesty.

We are proud of three generations of excellent service, cost-effective project management and quality workmanship. Our challenge is to keep the tradition going. That means keeping on top of products and techniques, and adapting so that we can do an even better job. Past success just motivates us more on each new project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sam W. Stowell, President

Frank H. Stowell & Sons, Inc
General Contractors Since 1912

A landmark in Chicago since 1912

Frank H. Stowell & Sons, Inc. is a full service general contractor offering both traditional general contracting services and the design/build option.  Our clients are just as likely to be institutions, businesses, or dwelling owners with projects ranging in size from large and complex to quite modest.  More often than not they become repeat clients while our reputation in the architectural community is another source of project opportunities.

Many of our institutional clients are healthcare providers and they demand expertise that can only be acquired through years of experience building spaces for diagnostic imaging, vascular and radiotherapy systems.
We've accomplished that.

Our "high-end" residential clients are looking for the knowledge and attention to detail necessary to manage complex projects with high precision.
We've delivered that.

Regardless of the project type or size, Frank H. Stowell & Sons brings the same level of commitment and the same systematic approach.
We've done that.